8 top flowers to use for a romantic bouquet

Flowers are one of the choicest gifts on this planet. The gorgeous blooms convey a special meaning, symbols and significance to the receivers.

Flowers are precisely the best ways to show your love and affection to someone. A bunch of exotic flowers arranged in a bouquet can please that special someone of your life instantly. But, not sure which flowers to choose for your romantic bouquet?

Here are eight most romantic flowers available with a top flower shop in Dubai, capable of carrying your message adorably to the receiver. Don’t believe in our words, see the blooms to select a bloom that fits the personality and style of your loved ones.

  1. Tulips

Is your girlfriend a carefree individual? Tulips are just for her. You can find Tulips in a variety of colours such as red, purple, white, pink and yellow. Choose her favourite hue to give an instant glow on her face.

Why choose Tulips for a romantic bouquet?

The red tulips mean love and white symbolizes apology. Take the bouquet while going on a date when your relationship is not as severe yet. That is because a bouquet of tulips says: “I am glad that we met and I would love to meet you again.” 

  1. Lilac

Want to surprise your girlfriend? Give a bunch of bright violet shade Tulip bouquet to carry your emotion and love. There can’t be a better choice for this flower to impress your new girlfriend.

Apart from dating, it is also suitable to offer on birthday and other occasions of love. You can say “happy birthday to my love.”

  1. Red Roses

The most romantic of all flowers are the red roses. There is no replicate to these blooms to show your love, care and passion to the woman of your life. A perfect choice to offer on Valentine day, wedding and propose your girlfriend.

You needn’t worry about finding quality and fresh red rose bouquet. You can easily do so using the online flower delivery in Dubai based on your budget and theme.

  1. Orchids

If you want a delicate but exotic bloom, choose orchids in your bouquet. They have been a symbol of luxury and carry a message of good luck, hope and love to receivers. You can find in varieties of colour and sizes. Best occasions for gifting are Valentine Day and birthday.

  1. Pastel Carnation

If your partner is an introvert and subdued due to problems, use the pastel flowers to light up the mood. It comes in white and pink colours with different meanings. Offer as a birthday gift to your girlfriend.

  1. Daisies

Many types of daisies are available in the market, of which, gerbera daisies are most popular by choice. Daisies come in a variety of colour and size. Making a bouquet of daisies will carry the message of innocence and cheerfulness into your relationship.  

  1. Camellia

Are you looking for a perfect wedding anniversary gift for your wife? Well, your search end with the gorgeous Camellia flowers. It symbolizes faithfulness and longevity. It brings out the true essence of being together with your partner for years. Celebrate your romantic and long-lasting love with this bouquet.

  1. The Blue Iris

The blue Iris is one of the most popular Jordan flowers which is gifted on romantic occasions. It carries the essence of hope and faith. The Iris is also a Greek Goddess of love, giving your message clearly to your mate.

You can’t go wrong using these flowers on romantic occasions to shower your love and care. These blooms can easily brighten up anyone to fill the room with joy and happiness.

Want to buy these gorgeous blooms for gifting in Dubai?

Alissarflowers is a leading flower shop in Dubai, offering a range of flowers and bouquet options to customers. They offer same day flower delivery in Amman, Sharjah, Ajman, and other cities. Contact them to order your bouquet now.


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