Five Unique Reasons for Singaporeans to Study in Australia

Australia, the land down under, has it all; an affordable and carefree lifestyle, top-class universities, and plenty of sunshine to go around. It’s no wonder that Singaporean student flock to Australia for acquiring overseas education every year, and you can easily join them in on the fun. Here is a quick list of the most exciting benefits of studying in Australia:

You won’t be alone

You need not be concerned about being an odd man out in Australia. Ranked third in the world in terms of total overseas students, Australia has seen around 200,000 international students attending its universities for last many years. Due to the rising popularity of Australian study programs, the country has emerged as a very accessible study abroad destination for students. When it comes to Singaporeans, you will often see them in Australian coffee shops, streets, bars, schools, universities etc.

Globally recognised qualifications

Despite having the population of only 23 million people, Australia shares a long history of being home to some world-class research institutions in the world. Top academic programs in the science fields, like biology, chemistry, zoology, mathematics and engineering can be found in the most of Australian universities, making a study abroad program great to every student’s professional resume. Not to mention, Australian qualifications and degrees are recognised everywhere in the world.

Study almost anything

With over 40 universities offering thousands of study programs, the study in Australia is like a dream come true for many aspiring students. The majority of these students hailing from different parts of the world choose to study in prestigious Australian universities, such as the University of Sydney, the Australian National University, and Monash University, each one providing as many courses of study as any major university in the US or the UK offers.

Tons of international scholarships

While your institution in Singapore may have funds available for those who are eyeing to study abroad in Australia, there is another remarkable resource to use in the quest to make your study abroad experience as affordable as possible. Every year, the Australian government and universities set aside more than AUD200 million for overseas students planning to study at Australian universities. These awards are available for students coming from all over the world.

Great Weather

If you love to have fun in sunlight, choose Australia! With the distant southern region of Victoria as somewhat of an exception, the climate in Australia remains moderately warm. Some of the prominent Australian universities are located in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane; all of these cities consider a daily high below 50 degrees a rarity at any point in the year.

In short, if you have a student visa Australia, you are going to create some magical moments of your life. To know more about the visa and admission process, Australian universities, scholarship options, accommodation etc., you can speak with AECC Global experts.

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