The significance of black and white masterbatch from India

Color masterbatches are extensively used in the cost-effective coloring of plastic products during the manufacturing processes on the carrier resin. The use of color MB is done on the natural polymer to eliminate the problem of dispersion and get attractive plastic products.

Fortunately, there are thousands of color MBs made by the manufacturer in India and abroad. The color MB are made compounding the single pigment concentrates and additives in the lab. You can find beautiful color such as blue, black, white, yellow, red, and other shades as per requirement in the end products. High-grade MBs provide many advantages over pigment, and conventional dyes like color strength, quality products, and mechanical properties change for better.

Here we will be discussing the significance of white and black masterbatches -

Black Masterbatch

The black masterbatch is a compound of premixed carbon black, carrier resin and additives. The use of black MB has many economic benefits such as coloring, less cost in production, and performance of the end products.

Additionally, the high-grade black masterbatch from India offers jet black, UV protection, resistant to heat, electrical conductivity, and thermal stability among other benefits.

That is why black MB has got broad applications in the industry -

White Masterbatches

The white masterbatch is engineered with ultra white Ti02 (Titanium Dioxide) to offer more brightness and whiteness to the plastics. Available in different grades based on the loading of the Titanium Dioxide which ranges from 20% to 75%. Used in the production phase, the White MB offers opacity and large applications with PE and PP carrier resins.

The white masterbatch from India has vast application in the plastic manufacturing processes like film packaging, blow molding packaging, thermoform packaging, and others. Additionally, the white MB is used to enhance the technical properties of plastics like UV resistance, durability, and weather resistant capabilities.

Want to get industry standard MB for your business?

We can offer a continuous supply of high-grade white and black masterbatch from India. Further, we follow global standard rules and regulation in producing the masterbatches and additives in the plant. Contact us for more information.


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