Top Benefits of Using PET and Polypropylene Masterbatches

The color and additive masterbatches have immense usages in modern plastic products. The masterbatches are engineered to offer attractive colors, mechanical and chemical properties,  functions, and strength while assisting in the manufacturing of plastic products. That is why the high-grade masterbatches are crucial in automotive, construction, packaging, pharmaceutical, piping, and other industries used across the globe.

Masterbatches, additives, and fillers bring significant changes in the end products. For instance, the use of the black masterbatch from India help in getting jet black products with many enhanced functions and properties.  

Among the high-grade masterbatches, PET and PP masterbatches are one of the widely in the industry. They are an integral part of the packaging and manufacture of consumers goods. Let us know their growing importance and applications:

Polypropylene masterbatch

PP is a stable crystalline thermoplastic that is used in various everyday products. It comes in different forms: homopolymer and copolymer. The PP masterbatches are used to change mechanical, physical and chemical properties in the automotive to packaging products manufacturing. It is one of the cheapest plastics available in the market today.  

What are the applications of Polypropylene masterbatch?

The polypropylene non woven masterbatch is a crucial addition with the carrier resin in plastic manufacturing due to its chemical resistance and weldability. Let us some of the common uses:

Packaging Applications

Used in the packaging applications due to its excellent barrier properties, strength, surface finish, and low cost in products. There are many applications of this masterbatch in industry:  

Flexible packaging

The excellent PP film optical clarity and low moisture-vapor transmission make it an ideal choice for food packaging. Besides this, it is used in shrink-film overwrap, electronic film, graphic arts, and diaper tabs and closures.

Rigid Packaging

The PP is used to produce crates, pots, and bottles through a blow molding process. The thin-walled containers are used in the packaging of different products.

Consumers products

PP masterbatch helps in producing several household and consumer products in the industry. The standard uses are to make the clear part, housewares, furniture, appliances, toys, and luggage.

Automotive industry 

Due to its excellent mechanical properties and moldability, PP enhances in producing automotive parts. The main applications come in battery cases and trays, bumper, door trims, and so on.

Another important masterbatch is the PET/Polyester masterbatch in the plastic producing industry. That is used in the production of plastic bottles with uniform thickness. Available in different colors and grades for the manufacturer.

Engineering of high-quality masterbatches, additives, and fillers require innovative research and development for a company. We are a leader in pioneering various masterbatches used in enhancing products, strength, color, and other properties of end products. Enquire the products now.


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