Top courses with high job opportunities in Australia  

Australia is one of the few countries witnessing continuous growth in the last 23 years of its history.  The number of jobs added in the Australian market is beating the expectation of experts. It is creating employment opportunities for local graduates but also for overseas students. Hence, Australia has become an ideal destination where students can study further and may find employment in the chosen field.

The economic growth leading to jobs creation in the 16 sectors. The occupations published in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) issued by the states reflect the scarcity of professionals in specific fields. International students looking to increase the possibility of getting jobs in Australia should look the list before choosing the career option. The education consultants for Australia can provide adequate information and career guidance to succeed in the chosen field.

If you are planning to study in Australia, here are the top courses you can pursue to enjoy career growth and job prospects:


The healthcare industry of Australia continues to grow continuously year over year. A significant chunk of the population is aged and children who need healthcare services. The demand for skilled healthcare professionals is high across Australia now.

Students deciding to study nursing in Australia get quality education, and practical skills demanded by recruiters in the industry. The nursing courses and program are designed to the international standard to enhance career growth and prospects for recent graduates.


Australia needs a rapid development of infrastructures and manufacturing units to support economic growth. It is an excellent opportunity for skilled engineers to get jobs and climb the ladder of success. More than 40% of Australian Engineering Taskforce is born in foreign countries. Job opportunities for engineers are high in Australia.

Studying engineering courses in Australia is a vital decision to inch towards employment in the country. The top universities prepare students to be ready for workplace challenges with relevant skills and work experience in the study.

In addition, courses in IT, public work, social work, teaching and education, management, and accountancy begets good job opportunities for graduates.

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