Top Masterbatches Used in Water Tanks and Piping Industry

The plastics are taking over conventional consumer products across the globe. Be it in the construction, automotive, packaging, and others, everywhere the plastics are being used these days. One of the reasons for this change is coming of durable, weather resistant, attractive, and cost-effective products in the market.

One such great example of replacing conventional prodaucts with plastic is the use of PPR pipes instead of copper pipes in Europe. The PPR piping has become a hit in conveying hot and cold water to the home and other places. That is possible due to the use of quality PPR pipe masterbatch in the manufacturing plants to add necessary properties.

With the addition of this MB, the pipes become more resistant to heat, cold, durable and cost-effective in the production. Thus, they have become the best alternative to costly copper pipes, not just in Europe but around the globe.

Uses of Rotofoam Masterbatch 

Modern water tanks have eased the task of storing waters in the high rise building and apartments. But, storing is not the only challenge faced by tank manufacturer in the industry as durability, heat-proof, and bacterial contamination was prevalent earlier.

To take on these problems, the manufacturers are using a Rotofoam masterbatch in the production of water tanks. In the roto-molding process, this masterbatch is used on the polymer to give additional durability, shield UV rays, heat stability and resistant to contamination despite keeping water for a long time. It provides insulation to water and makes water tank production cost-effective for businesses.

PP Fiber Masterbatch

Synthetic fibers are widely used to manufacture various things nowadays. The top industries of fiber usages are textile, automotive, carpet, artificial turfs, and clothing among others. The Polypropylene fibre masterbatch is used as a filler to increase color, reliability and change other mechanical properties of the end products.

Typically, you can find thousands of color and variance of PP fiber MB from a reliable company to meet your needs in the production cycle. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of international standards MB and additives in the industry. Contact us to buy your products now.


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