Uses of Original Sandalwood Powder in Daily Life

Sandalwood is one of the most valued trees in the world. Not a single part of this tree is wasted but used to make useful products essential in daily life. The heartwood of the old tree gives valuable end products like the fragrant oil from the pure sandalwood powder. The powder has become a standard item in Indian household as a beauty care product for women. Women usually add the powder in the beauty regimen for acne to pimple skin care solutions.

What the uses of sandalwood powder?

The perfume of this tree lasts decades than other aromas found in the market. One of the everyday use of this tree is to make sandalwood stick or incense stick to use on traditional and cultural rituals. Chandan has been an integral part of the ceremony, from the birth to death, of an individual in the Indian subcontinent since the time immemorial. Moreover, you can easily find mention of Sandalwood uses in religious texts and Ayurvedic medicines.

Over the years, sandalwood has been widely used as a beauty product. The pharmaceutical industry uses oil and powder to make valuable cosmetic products. The original sandalwood powder is used as a leading beauty product with many benefits and solution for skin problems. Here are some of the top uses and benefits of sandalwood powder:

Sandalwood powder and oil have become effective alternatives to commercial fairness creams available in the market nowadays. That is why the price of sandalwood products is high but worth every penny. But, make sure to procure the products only from a reliable vendor to get pure and natural sandalwood powder and oil.

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