Why are BOPP and BOPET masterbatches popular in the printing industry?

There is no industry where plastic hasn’t reached yet. More use of plastics is taking place due to its versatile characteristics with the ability to mould into different shapes and sizes. It is economical to use in industries while giving higher durability, strength and gloss to products.

Significance of plastics in the food and packaging industry

As I told you earlier, plastics have penetrated to every industry now. Many types of plastics are being used in the food and packaging industry after processing from various polymers. The raw compounds are treated with carrier resin and masterbatches to give the desired colour, surface, and characteristic to appeal to the customers. So, masterbatches play a significant role in making packaging product appealing and usable for consumers.

BOPP masterbatch

BOPP stands for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene. It is a biaxially and crystal transparent thermoplastic polymer. The film comes with conformity, fatigue resistance and economical to use in packaging, labelling, and graphics applications.

With the use of BOPP masterbatch, the products become moisture resistance, optical clarity, and tensile strength. These characteristics are essential to use in many industrial applications -

BOPET masterbatch

BOPET film is a linear thermoplastic polyester. It is made of explicit, flexible, and transparent material. It has unique properties like high tensile strength, durability, heat resistance, dimensional stability, and clarity. Further, the film offers excellent performance characteristics to use in packaging, electrical and industrial applications.

But, the manufacturing process faces many problems in printing in BOPP sheets. Most of the issues get removed with BOPET masterbatch in the process. It acts as an anti-blocking agent to prevent migration of colour to give superior products.

TPU masterbatch

TPU sheet, when blended with PVC improve the abrasion resistance, thermal stability and stretch resistance. Thus, the TPU sheet is used in high abrasion and abuse industrial applications. Using the TPU masterbatch in the process helps paintability and cut resistance while protecting against UV radiation on end products.

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