Why Filipino Students Prefer to Study in Australia?

The urge to complete higher studies in an Australian university is compelling among Filipino students these days. This is because the Australian universities can deliver world-class education, and ensure attractive job opportunities. Besides, living in a multicultural environment and managing things alone is an experience of a lifetime.

Australia is one of the top three study abroad destinations in the world. Innumerable students aspiring to study in Australia visit the country every year.

Let us find out why aspiring students wish to study in an Australian university!


The approach of the Australian institutions and universities to technical and vocational education is one of the best in the world. These universities have the reputation of being able to adopt the latest technology faster and well before the other schools in the world.


Australian qualifications and universities are recognised by the majority of institutions and organisations across the globe. In short, you have the option to work anywhere in the world.

Value for Money

The cost of living in Australia is more suitable as compared to other countries primarily due to the conversion rates. Attractive scholarships in Australia make it easier for the students to choose the land down under as their destination for further studies.

Job Opportunities

The main aim of going abroad to pursue higher education is to find a suitable job. Being a stable economy, Australia offers lucrative job options in most sectors, be it actuaries, agriculture or aeronautics. Seeking permit is easier there.


Eligible professionals are offered enough opportunities to research in Australia. The selection is often made on merit and a proven record of excellence in academics. Since Australia is an English-speaking country, it becomes easy for international students to grasp and pursue their studies, understanding it with ease.

Where to Seek Help from?

If you need information about Australian scholarships, courses, institutions, visa process etc., you can speak to one of our education consultants from AECC Global, a top-class education agency in the Philippines. The agency offers excellent consultancy services to its clients.


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