Writing Section of the PTE: Summarize Written Text  

For most students the writing and reading sections, of any PTE test of English, spells their downfall. The PTE tests both your writing and reading skills in this subsection of your exam. You will have to read the passage and summarize it in a sentence. Without practice, it is hard for a nonnative speaker of English to acquire the required score. It is equally important to read and follow the rules, without which your answers will not be marked for the PTE Academic India exam. Below are some basic rules, which will help you prepare for this subsection of your exam:

Pay attention to the Rules:

The rules are simple and easy to follow. You will be required to summarize the passage within 5-75 words. It is very hard to answer this question under 5 words, so many will not have a problem with the lower limit. However, the upper limit can be quite tricky. Do not exceed the prescribed limit of 75 words, despite having more to write. You can use the ‘Total Word Count’ tab on the bottom left of your PTE screen to count the number of words in your answer.

Your entire answer should consist of one sentence only! In essence, your sentence should have one capital letter to begin the sentence and only one full stop to end it.

Practice, practice and more practice…:

To put an array of thoughts into one sentence requires practice. Believe me, your mind will be swarming with thoughts after reading the PTE Academic passage. In order to put these thoughts into one sentence you will need practice. Read books written by Alistair Mclean. The thrill and suspense will have you intrigued. In my opinion, he is the best user of complex and compound sentences. Try to imitate his style of writing when analyzing PTE passages. This will go a long way in helping you, not only with your test of English, but also the with preparation of assignments, which you will be required to submit at your future university.

Use these tips to improve upon your PTE Academic writing scores. You can also visit your nearest AECC Global office to buy PTE vouchers at the same discounted price, Rs.9,810.


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